How to Fund a Lawsuit


The amenity that is litigation finance needs you to understand how it works before diving right in to use it.   Some people rush in to use it without understanding what it means to their future.   IT is important to understand how to deal with these companies.

Litigation finance refers to the cash advance one gets based on the strength of their lawsuit, to help them fight the case to the end.   You are expected to pay it back when your case is over, and you have gotten the settlement amount.   IT is not the same as a loan.   The litigation finance company shall not be giving you the money, but rather treat it as an investment in the lawsuit that shall bear fruit later.   Therefore, your credit history and bankruptcy status do not matter here.


There shall be an interest on this type of loan.   The amount depends on which company you approached.   They are taking a huge risk on you, as your case is never really certain to be won.   They thus have no control over what happens to their investment.   There have been sure cases that ended up the opposite of expectations.   This is the main reasons for their high interest charges.   This is done to recover their losses from all cases that turned out not as expected.


You may face other charges, apart from the interest rates.   This will also be determined on a company to company basis.   They will include the details of those charges on the contract they bring to your lawyer from to sign, and it shall be kept until your case is over.   You will see charges like origination fees, application fees, a documentation fee, closing costs, a premature payoff penalty, and others.   Their operations are almost similar to traditional lenders in this regard.


This is also not an advance on your settlement amount.   This is not the entire amount of what you expect at the end of the case.   It is therefore important not to treat it as such.   The amount you got from this litigation financing will not be the same as the settlement amount.   What you have to pay the lender is pegged upon the duration you needed the money.   You therefore need to think of getting help elsewhere if you feel this is not right for you.


It pays to learn more about this service before going for it.   When your situation allows for this kind of arrangement to win your case, you shall benefit greatly by understanding all that goes into this arrangement.   You cannot afford to take it otherwise. Know more about lawyers at

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